Glen Powell Says He Was Hit In The Face At An ‘Expendables 3’ Party By A Bouncer

Glen Powell He looks back on a humiliating experience he had at the start of his career in Hollywood before becoming famous.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe actor recalled how things got worse as he celebrated one of his first major roles, in 2014. “The Expendables 3

The ‘Anyone but You’ star claimed he was kicked out of the VIP section of a Cannes Film Festival party when a bouncer didn’t realize he was actually starring in the action film.

Powell played highly skilled hacker Thorn in the adventure film alongside a roster of action icons.

“I did this movie ‘Expendables 3’ – it’s like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham,” he recalls. “Somehow I’m the random guy who snuck out. So I’m like the only stranger in a group of legends.

Powell said that although he celebrated the film with the cast and had his face on “all these character banners” for the film at Cannes, a bouncer at the after-party didn’t have it recognized.

“I got kicked out of the VIP section at the ‘Expendables 3’ party,” Powell told THR. “It actually got pretty physical. There was a big bouncer who was convinced I shouldn’t be in the VIP section, so it kind of turned into a physical altercation where I got punched in the face at the “Expendables 3” party because no one recognized me even though there was a banner at the height of my face.

He then teased, “Just because you have a banner doesn’t mean you’re in on the fun.”

Powell has since risen to fame after appearing in 2022’s “Top Gun: Maverick” and the 2023 hit romantic comedy “Anyone but You” alongside Sydney Sweeney.

Watch Powell’s full interview below.

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