Father-son terrorists describe raping, executing woman on Oct. 7

Chilling new footage shows a Hamas terrorist and his teenage son casually recounting to Israeli interrogators how they took turns raping a woman and then executing her over the course of October. 7 terrorist rampage.

Jamal Hussein Ahmad Radi, 47, and his son Abdullah, 18, were arrested by Israeli defense forces in the Gaza Strip this spring and later questioned over the terrorist attack, the Daily Mail revealed.

Jamal described finding a woman “screaming” and “crying” in a house on Kibbutz Nir Oz, a community near the Israel-Gaza border,

Jamal Hussein Ahmad Radi (above) and his son were captured by the IDF in the spring.
Father and son detailed horrific attacks on Israeli woman. FDI
Around 1,200 people were killed and hundreds were kidnapped during the October events. 7 attack. REUTERS

“I did what I did, I raped her,” he said nonchalantly.

“I threatened her with my gun to make her take off her clothes, I remember she was wearing denim shorts, that’s all,” he added.

Jamal claimed he did not know what happened to the woman after the rape, but his teenage son told the interrogator that his father had killed the desperate victim.

“My father raped her, then I did it, then my cousin did it, then we left, but my father killed the woman after we finished raping her,” Abdallah said in his statement. own interview.

In the footage, Jamal was handcuffed and dressed in a gray tracksuit while sitting in front of an Israeli flag.

“In every house where we found someone, we either killed them or kidnapped them,” he said.

Of the 400 residents of Kibbutz Nir Oz, at least 20 were killed in October. 7 and 80 were kidnapped.

Jamal appeared unfazed as he explained in gruesome detail how he entered a house and killed the couple hiding there.

“In the first house I found a woman and her husband, and we hit them with fire and killed them… they were in their 40s,” he recalls.

Israeli soldiers walk next to the body of a slain Hamas militant in the Kibbutz of Kfar Aza, near the border with Gaza, October 10, 2023. ATEF SAFADI/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock
Israelis are divided on how to recover the remaining hostages from the Gaza Strip. AFP via Getty Images

The chilling videos of Jamal and Abdullah’s interviews quickly made the rounds on social media, where disgusted viewers noticed how casually the two men discussed the atrocities.

Heidi Bachram, whose in-laws were killed and kidnapped in October. 7 – wrote on X that Jamal was a “sociopath”.

The father and son interviews were published shortly after the Hostages and Missing Families Forum shared sickening body camera footage of Hamas terrorists gloating over the blood-splattered faces of five female Israeli soldiers.

In the video, the terrorists could be heard making plans to sexually assault the women.

“These are the girls who can get pregnant,” one of the gunmen said.

The bloodied soldiers were identified as Liri Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniella Gilboa and Naama Levy.

All five are still detained by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the Hostages and Missing Families forum said.

Moshe Tur-Paz of Israel’s centrist Yesh Atid party said the body camera video should prompt the government to bring home the remaining hostages after more than seven months of war.

“I agree that this is a wake-up call because I think the Israeli government is not doing enough to return the hostages,” Tur-Paz told reporters at an event at Israel headquarters. Jerusalem Press Club in Jerusalem.

“I agree that this is a wake-up call because I think the Israeli government is not doing enough to return the hostages,” Moshe Tur-Paz said. P.A.

“More should be done. And I say it politically: I think that the Israeli government itself is being held hostage by the Israeli extreme right,” he added.

The month of October. The July 7 attack and the subsequent war between Israel and Hamas highlighted major divisions in Israeli politics, particularly between the more centrist or left-wing leaders and the right-wing faction led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“There’s no easy way to say it. We must [release] a few thousand terrorists are in our prisons today. And we must accept a partial – not total – end to the war in order to return the hostages still alive,” Tur-Paz insisted.

“We will restore a sense of security to the population and make our enemies understand that it is not really good to attack Israel,” he added.

Dan Illouz of Netanyahu’s Likud party said the video should reinforce Israel’s mission to wipe Hamas from the face of the Earth.

“We really saw the face of evil revealed,” Illouz said of the video. “It was very clear to us that the only way to respond was to eradicate this evil. »

A woman stands near posters of those killed in the deadly October attacks. 7 attack. REUTERS

“I personally do not agree with the idea that we should make concessions that would endanger our ability to defeat Hamas, because I think this is an existential question that we must answer, and that the best way to free the hostages will be through military pressure,” he continued.

“This is not an easy sentence to pronounce, because when I say it, my heart sinks. I want the hostages to go home. It’s not something easy to say, but I have to say it out of national responsibility,” Illouz admitted.

He also noted that Hamas made Israel’s position “very easy” by rejecting “the most generous offers put on the table.”

“It’s not even like we’re discussing an actual offer that was put on the table,” he stressed.

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