Texans claim mailer supporting former President Trump is voter intimidation

A political mailer sent to residents of several cities in the Lone Star State has gone viral following allegations of voter intimidation. The letter includes an ominous threat to inform former President Donald Trump if registered Republicans don’t vote.“Your voting history is public… Your neighbors are watching and will know if you miss this crucial … Read more

Garland calls Trump’s false claim of Biden DOJ plan to potentially assassinate him during FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search ‘extremely dangerous’

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday criticized former President Donald Trump for suggesting that President Joe Biden authorized his potential assassination during an FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago resort in August 2022 for government documents classified, noting that a similar Justice Department memo regarding Deadly force was also used during the FBI’s search of Biden’s … Read more

Biden campaign official meets with Haley supporters hours after she said she’d vote for Trump

A Biden campaign official met with Nikki Haley’s supporters from several states on Wednesday evening in a scheduled Zoom call hours after the former Republican presidential candidate announced she would vote for Donald Trump, people told CNN two sources familiar with the call. The meeting was part of the Biden campaign’s ongoing efforts to reach … Read more