Texans claim mailer supporting former President Trump is voter intimidation

A political mailer sent to residents of several cities in the Lone Star State has gone viral following allegations of voter intimidation. The letter includes an ominous threat to inform former President Donald Trump if registered Republicans don’t vote.
“Your voting history is public… Your neighbors are watching and will know if you miss this crucial runoff election. We will notify President Trump if you do not vote. “You cannot afford to have this on your record,” one side of the letter reads. On the other hand, the sender says, “Please don’t make us report you to President Trump” and that “President Trump will be very disappointed.”

The political message was delivered to different parties in the state and sparked shock and outrage from viewers who claimed voter intimidation. Editors reported that the message was received in Victoria and Denton – southeast of San Antonio and the northern part of Dallas-Fort Worth, respectively – indicating the message’s wide geographic spread.
MySA contacted the Secretary of State’s office but received no response. Texas Ethics Commission General Counsel James Tinley told MySA in an email: “The Interim Executive Committee is generally prohibited from commenting or even confirming or denying whether a complaint has been filed ” and has no jurisdiction over allegations of voter intimidation.

The “American Conservative Elections First” logo appears on one side of the mailer, but a search of the organization could not link the letter to a specific organization. A pre-sorted mailing label is visible in one of the floating images and includes a permit number. MySA has contacted the United States Postal Service in hopes of identifying the sender. A USPS representative was unable to provide an immediate response.

The sender is likely shielded from criminal prosecution by the state because Texas election law states that election retaliation, the state’s legal term for intimidation, requires that a person intentionally harms or threatens to harm a voter by an illegal act. The threat to inform Trump is too vague to describe.
However, the case of federal law is different. It includes the broader term “voter intimidation” and targets “any person who intimidates, threatens, coerces or attempts to intimidate, threaten or coerce any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right to vote or vote of this other person.” To vote according to one’s own choice, or to cause any other person to vote or not to vote for a presidential candidate…”

Reddit users have made no secret of their distaste for the message, with user hardman52 reporting that he received it in a post on the Denton subreddit on Wednesday.

“What are they implying here? … That Trump is going to put you on the train to the concentration camps?” » said user MaverickTTT. “These people are disturbed.”

A user from Victoria, near the Texas coast, also created a post about receiving mail. They noted that the message could come “from both sides of the political spectrum.”
“This could be the work of either a member of a far-right party hoping to intimidate us into voting for Trump, or (less likely scenario) a member of a far-left party hoping to present Trump in a bad light,” Hobor told MySA. Direct message on Reddit.

User Dentony5 told MySA he believed the mail was “part of an internal battle within the Republican Party of Texas” and was linked to far-right elements aiming to get Trump supporters to the polls . Hobor separately mentioned the possibility of the message reaching both sides of the aisle.

In both cases, Hobor identifies a portion of the population that he believes is most likely to interact with the sender in the voting booth.

“This would easily mislead an older person or a new generation of voters, who are uncertain about how protected they are,” Hobor wrote. “No one wants their ‘vote’ made public, much less criticized, by the community. A note stating that ‘your neighbors [whom we are implying voted for Trump] will be upset’ would obviously convince (scare) them to vote for the candidate. candidate”.

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