Fico’s ‘Judas’ government should have backed Ukraine, shooting suspect says – POLITICO

A witness cited in the court ruling said he heard Cintula say “hostile and malicious things” about Fico, and that “he was bothered by the way [Fico] He acts towards Russia and Hungary, and maintains good relations with them.”

According to the court document, Cintula decided on May 13 – two days before the attack – that he would “take revenge for the policies of this government by injuring the Prime Minister” using a weapon he had legally owned since 1992. Weapon Czech-made 9-millimeter CZ 75 handgun, which Cintula carried in a rear holster attached to his belt, with two magazines each holding 10 bullets.

Cintula told authorities that on May 15 he waited for an hour while the Cabinet met, until Fico came out of the building and approached a small crowd standing behind a barricade in the main plaza of the city. He said he shot the Prime Minister in the right side of the abdomen while Fico shook his hand from a distance of two meters: “Even a blind person would have hit [the target]”, he said in the court document.

The attacker added that he knew Fico might die, but was willing to take the risk because “he is socially sensitive and the things that happen in society irritate him greatly.”

Cintula said he acted alone and told no one of his intentions. “He did what he intended to do,” the court document states. “He realizes that he acted unacceptable and that he should not have hurt the victim, but given him a book that he had bought for him and had prepared.”

The judge placed Cintula in custody, saying he risked trying to attack Fico again.

He faces a sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

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